Why “be love” before I can “be loved”?

Many single women sing the same sad song, “Why can’t I find a boyfriend who treats me right?”

As much as I hate to say it, it’s not always the guy’s fault that he doesn’t bring flowers, pitch in with the housework, would rather watch footy with the lads than watch a chick flick with you… Perhaps without you even being aware, you are emitting an aura that what he’s giving you is what you deserve. Perhaps your boundaries are wonky, or you have a deep-seated belief system that you don’t deserve *the best*.

No more 2nd best. No more being treated as an afterthought. No more feeling let down, isolated, or being taken for granted. From today, you can take the first steps to developing solid boundaries, deciding and aligning yourself to a set of solid personal values, and learning what self-respect and self-love really is.

From today, sister, you can begin your journey to goddessness so that you may discover what real, deep, true and abiding love really is.

The resources on the site will help you:

Be Love

~ Get loads of self-appreciation tips and tools to help you fall in self-love…

You will become the embodiment of love; a goddess whose needs are real and respected;  and a woman whose values and boundaries become the benchmark for honour.

Be Loved

~ Relish the feeling of being respected, cherised and loved…

Once you become a walking talking manifestation of self-love, you will become a veritable Aphrodite and a magnet to real love. Attracting real love will become a no-brainer once you start shining your natural YOU.

I look forward to travelling this journey with you,

❤ Anita Revel, author & Goddess For Life Coach.

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