Step 3: See Yourself as Goddess

Here are just some ways you can see yourself as “Goddess”:

  • Begin to notice your perfections when you look in the mirror.
  • Receive compliments as graciously and copiously as you give them.
  • Say “yes, yes, YES” a lot, with revellious and delightful energy.
  • Practice shameless acts of joy and master joyous acts of shame.
  • Affirm yourself daily with delicious words including “magical, mystical, sparkling, juicy, ethereal, beauty, intuitive, divine.”

When you see yourself as Goddess, this is the gorgeous energy you radiate and hence, you begin to attract similarly gorgeous people into your life.

Recommended Reading: Listen to Your Inner Goddess

your inner goddess is your inner voice - trust your intuition guide

In less than 10 minutes you will:

* Know it’s OK to not always be calm!
* Learn what your intuitive voice “type” is;
* Use a simple technique to tune into your mind, body, heart and soul; and
* Examine a range of tools (including a super-modern, surprise one!) to help you trust your intuition


In short, use this guide to tune in and trust your intuitive wisdom!

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